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Ajmera Pharmasure Ltd

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Contact PersonMr.Jitu Bhai
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Group Profile
It takes an expert with years of experience and a fine eye for value to recognize the potential of a diamond. It takes surpassing vision,painstaking labour, tremendous dexterity and total precision for each face of an ethereal gemstone to be fashioned. Each face of a fashioneddiamond is unique, with its own shape, own sparkle and the signature of the maestro who shapes it to instill it with its unique personality. This is what we at the “Ajmera Group” are all about. Imbuing with a unique personality, each fascinating face of this diamond called the Ajmera Groupthat we have been shaping over the last few decades.

Company Profile
We are a pharmaceutical trading and manufacturing organisation having established arrangements with manufacturers of key molecules and we supply the same to pharmaceutical manufacturing companies and ensure for them regular and assured supplies to match their manufacturing schedules. We work in a close collaboration with some of India’s leading pharmaceutical companies and formulators and have been appointed as exclusive distributors for some leading pharmaceutical companies.

Our Company is engaged in the business of trading of Bulk Drugs – Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (“API”). Our Company procures in bulk various APIs and supplies the same to formulators and other generic pharmaceutical players in both domestic and international markets. We provide ready finance to API manufacturers by buying their products in bulk and aid the formulators with steady supply.

Our Company has exclusive agencies in the state of Maharashtra for various API & Chemical manufacturers like IOL Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Mascot Industries, Magma Industries, Lase Laboratory Pvt. Ltd. and Dymes Pharmachem Ltd. We cater to over 100-150 customers and our product portfolio offers a diversified product range which includes varied pharmaceutical areas like Non Steroidal Anti – Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs), Anti – Infection Drugs, Anti – Oxidants, Anti – Fungal, fertility drugs and Oncology Drugs. We have a storage and logistic facility at Bhiwandi in Mumbai and at Lasudia Mori in Indore, where our goods our stored and supplied to the formulators and other manufacturers as per the order received.

Opportunity is the chance of serving the customer.Management is the organisational capability to serve him well. Profits are monetary equivalent of client satisfaction.For every business enterprise, the bottom line should be –Are our customers well served?

Our group companies will emerge as market leaders in every business segment we are present in by leveraging the power of exemplary customer service.”

Product List
  • albenzasole,
  • cynocobalmin,
  • diclonenac sodium,
  • fenbendazole,
  • methylcobalmin,
  • Paracetamol,